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Golden Tree CIC (a not-for-profit Community Interest Company) exists to provide innovative, evidence-based opportunities for life-long learning that support and enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals, organisations and communities.

Our aims are to:

  • Improve the emotional resilience of individuals and organisations.
  • Lead on and provide excellence in Emotional and Mental Health and Wellbeing training for schools and workplaces.
  • Educate individuals, organisations and communities on a range of issues in order to promote wellbeing and support the early identification of problems and promote recovery.
  • Reduce stigma and discrimination around emotional and mental health problems.

B More Archie

Introducing Archie Introducing Archie

Introducing ‘Archie’…Archie is an anteater who is all about building more awareness, resilience, compassion and mental health into education. As you probably aware, anteaters love to eat ants and Archie is no different in this. However, Archie is very special because the ants he eats are automatic negative thoughts.


Managing Distress

Managing Distress | Golden Tree CIC

The causes of distress can be many and varied because how one person reacts or responds to a certain situation will be different from that of someone else. It is also important to note that just because someone is feeling distressed or ‘stressed’, it does not necessarily imply that they have a mental health problem.


Leading Wellbeing

Leading Wellbeing | Golden Tree CIC

With ever increasing pressures, it’s of growing importance that we utilise the tools that make us resilient. This course will explore the impact that stress has on mental and physical health and it will provide your staff with a range of practical tips and strategies to support wellbeing in your school.


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Golden Tree is a very professional and well-run organisation with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of wellbeing in Simon and Sandra. Both are highly competent trainers with a great deal of skill in delivering workshops and training. The sessions delivered by Golden Tree evaluated very well by both staff and management.

Health Improvement Specialist/Wellbeing Lead Officer, Local Authority

Kindness Tree

Published by Golden Tree CIC, this is an excellent resource for all those working with children and young people who are exploring sensitive and delicate topics including personal safety, interpersonal relationships and stress and anxiety… An excellent book which I would recommend to all my teaching colleagues.