Laughter Yoga

Wherever you go in the world, laughter sounds remarkably similar and this makes laughter truly inclusive. There are no cultural or linguistic barriers to sharing laughter.  There’s even been some research on sounds we make when we laugh! Laughter Yoga, or as we like to call it Laughtercise, is an exercise system that combines laughter based exercises, yogic breathing (pranayama), gentle stretching and meditations. Laughter Yoga was founded by Dr Madan Kataria in Mumbai, India, whilst he was investigating whether laughter was indeed the best medicine for some of his patients. Laughter Yoga has now spread across the world and is practiced in over 60 counties with tens of thousands of participants.

Simulate to Stimulate

Research has found that the mind and body can’t tell the difference between fake and genuine laughter; indeed if we simulate laughter it often turns into real genuine laughter anyway.  Using Laughter Yoga allows us to dispense with the need for jokes or even have a sense of humour at all and just laugh for no reason, but not without purpose.

There are many ways to engage in Laughter Yoga or Laughtercise through Golden Tree CIC;

  • We can run taster sessions at your workplace, community centre or school.
  • We can build Laughter Yoga into a wider programme of Stress Management.
  • As part of our B-CALM programme you’ll see how Laughter Yoga, humour and mindfulness can combine to help build emotional resilience and boost wellbeing.

Whilst the shared experience of Laugher Yoga and Laughtercise is incredibly rewarding and energising, you can practice Laughter Yoga alone.


Why not train to become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader?


Our brilliant two day training course is based on Kataria’s original idea. It explores a range of laughter exercises and how these can be used where you work, whether that is a school or college, business, within your community group or even just for your own personal development.

“The ultimate ‘have fun while you’re learning’ experience.” Carole, Durham

We’ve worked with some amazing clients over the years as we’ve been teaching Laughter Yoga including; Google UK Ltd; Addaction; My Life CIC; Local Authorities; charities including the British Red Cross and too many schools to mention!

Contact us to discuss how you can build more laughter into your life and support your own and others health and wellbeing. You might like to visit our companion website Totally Laughter Yoga for even more information.



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