Drug and Alcohol Education


It is an expectation that schools provide effective drug and alcohol education within the curriculum.  That curriculum should meet the needs of all pupils in your school as well as meeting the requirement’s of  the Government’s statutory and non-statutory guidance and Ofsted’s expectations.

Training from Golden Tree CIC will give staff greater subject knowledge,  understanding and skills to ensure they feel more confident around the delivery of an effective drug and alcohol education curriculum

We offer a range of support to schools:

  • Whole school policy development and dissemination – Based on the recommended guidance from Government departments, we will work with key members of the school community, including Governors and Pupils to create a policy that covers how drug and alcohol education issues will be covered in the curriculum and the a clear outline of how the school will deal with drug related incidents to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all pupils.
  • Scheme of Work and Lesson Plan development. We’re able to provide a comprehensive drug and alcohol education scheme of work and series of lesson plans to support effective drug and alcohol education in the classroom across all key stages. The schemes of work and lesson plans are designed to enhance the PSHEe and Science curricula as well as supporting the wider agendas of risk management and emotional health and wellbeing.
  • of the pupils. It may be that some issues should be addressed sooner in the curriculum based on the baseline assessment that ought to be undertaken to inform the curriculum.
  • Staff training on effective delivery techniques in PSHEe and drug and alcohol education. To maximise the effectiveness of the Scheme of Work and lesson plans, research suggests that teachers need to feel confident in the delivery styles required to deliver drug education. This can include increasing their level of Knowledge and Understanding of drugs but also increasing their skills at using discursive and interactive teaching approaches. Such approaches can include a range of drama based work including role play and puppetry work. There are also a number of excellent resources that may be identified and linked to the curriculum development and lesson plans, that helpl explore the effects and risks of various misused substances including alcohol, tobacco, volatile substances and a number of illicit substances. We will also examine the effects of “legal highs” and the ever changing landscape of substance misuse.
  • Working with parents –  including policy consultation and dissemination along with basic drug awareness sessions
  • Working with Children and Young People – At times having a new face or perspective can really enhance the drug education programme from the children and young people within a school. Working within the schools existing drug education policy and as part of an overall drug and alcohol education curriculum Golden Tree CIC are able provide co facilitated sessions providing children and young people an “expert” view of drug and alcohol issues. This input may include specific targeted work with identified pupils or as part of a panel discussion with a whole class or year group.

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