Alcohol and Other Substance Misuse (Adults)


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The substance misuse, either legal or illegal, constitutes major risks to both the individual and wider society. The HSE highlights that drug and alcohol and other substance misuse can cost businesses through absenteeism and reduced productivity as well as an increased risk of accidents in the workplace. Yet many employers feel ill-equipped to discuss these issues. Improving understanding of drugs, alcohol and other prescription and non prescription substances can make those conversations easier and allow us to help ourselves and others to make safe, healthy decisions. Substance misuse may also be a sign of other mental health problems. An early and effective response can improve recovery times and reduce sickness absence rates.

Golden Tree CIC’s trainers can provide expert policy advise and staff dissemination sessions.  If a Drug and Alcohol or Substance Misuse policy is to be effective it must be understood by all those that may be affected by it.  The Drug and Alcohol or Substance misuse policy should also show clear links to other aspects of the businesses wellbeing agenda and disciplinary policy.

Our trainers have an enormous amount of experience in providing courses and training events. With a variety of options from toolbox talks, health promotion events, half day awareness courses through to more comprehensive and specialised training our highly skilled trainers can support you in identifying the courses that best meet your needs. Our trainers have provided excellently evaluated substance misuse training to diverse organisations including Local Authorities, Housing Associates, major industrial companies and Drug and Alcohol charities.

Golden Tree Wellbeing CIC’s Drug and Alcohol awareness courses include:

  • The potential impact of substance misuse for the workplace
  • What is drug and alcohol misuse?
  • The possible signs of drug or alcohol misuse
  • What  illegal drugs look like and how they are misused
  • The effects and risks associated with commonly misused substances
  • The impact of drugs and alcohol on mental health
  • The legal status and classification of the drugs discussed
  • The help available for Drug and Alcohol problems
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy issues.

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