People who hoard often endure a lifelong struggle with hoarding. They tend to live alone and may have a family member with the problem. Evidence suggests that problematic hoarding behaviours are present in at least 1in 50 people, but they may be present in as many as 1 in 20. The severe clutter created may threaten the health and safety of those living in or near the home. Problems associated with hoarding include health problems, structural damage to property, fire, and even death. Hoarding behaviours are also costly to both the individual, family members, Local Authorities and Housing Associations. The behaviours may also cause emotionally devastating evictions or other court actions that can lead to hospitalisations or homelessness.  It is recognised that hoarding behaviours can also cause conflict with family members and friends who are frustrated and concerned about the state of the home and the hoarding behaviour.

This one day programme draws on guidance from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, British Psychological Society and the Royal College of Psychiatrists amongst others, (including a clear exploration of local guidance and protocols). It is  aimed at professionals working within the Housing sector and utilises Golden Tree CIC’s 5Rs approach which aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to –

  • Recognise – focusing on identifying the signs, symptoms and characteristics of someone experiencing a Hoarding Disorder (defined under the DSM V and the proposals under the ICD 11 (when published) and the identification of the risks (financial/social/legal/health)
  • Respond – Using ACHE (Asking/Assessing; Compassion; Help; Enable) there is a strong focus on Listening Skills as workers seek to understand their client’s experience before seeking to be understood
  • Refer – exploration of local help available; and what that service will do/support offer and the mechanisms of referral  
  • Recording – in line with local protocols
  • Review – continuing support and monitoring (where appropriate)

This 1-day training course is a combination of PowerPoint presentation, large and small group discussions, exercises and case study exploration.  To ensure that the learning experience is maximised the group size should be between 12 – 15 participants.

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