What is Relationships and Sex Education?


Quite simply, effective RSE (Relationship and Sex Education) ought to begin at an early age as it is ultimately any learning that is about forming positive relationships. More specifically though, RSE also explores the emotional, social and physical aspects of growing up and should extend, age appropriately, to also cover puberty, reproduction, human sexuality and sexual health.


Why is Relationships and Sex Education important?


Good RSE is essential because it equips children and young people with the information, (knowledge and understanding), values, attitudes and skills to have safe, fulfilling and enjoyable relationships throughout their lives as well as to empower individuals to take responsibility for their own and others’ sexual health and wellbeing.


Why you should choose us?


At Golden Tree CIC we firmly believe that RSE should not be taught in isolation; links ought to be made with other areas of your PSHEe curriculum. We know that the most effective RSE curriculum is an age-appropriate one which progressively spirals through school as it develops.

Currently, PSHEe is a non-statutory curriculum subject (DfE Guidance) however, throughout Ofsted’s School Inspection Handbook are references to aspects of PSHEe and the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum.

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What can we do to support you?


We have a great deal of experience in the field of Primary and Secondary schools’ Sex and Relationships Education and provide the following;


*        Whole school Policy development and dissemination

Based on the recommended guidance from Government departments, we will work with key members of the school community, including Governors and Pupils to create a policy that covers how SRE will be covered in the curriculum and a clear outline of how the school will deal with SRE related incidents, such as homophobic bullying, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all pupils.


*        Staff CPD on effective delivery techniques for RSE.

To maximise the effectiveness of the Scheme of Work and lesson plans, research suggests that teachers need to feel confident in the delivery styles required to deliver RSE. This involves dealing with a range of ‘sensitive issues’ and as well as increasing their level of knowledge and understanding it also develops their skills at using distancing techniques, discursive and interactive teaching approaches. The range of RSE related issues has grown under the new Ofsted inspection requirements within their specific Safeguarding criteria.


*        Curriculum development.

We’re able to provide a comprehensive programme of work and lesson plans to support effective RSE in the classroom across all key stages. Our programmes are designed to enhance your PSHEe and Science curricula as well to support the wider agendas of Behaviour and Safety, SMSC, Healthy Schools and the emotional health and wellbeing of pupils.

We have developed a progressive spiraling programme of lessons to address homophobic bullying in the primary school and this is accompanied by a CPD session. This is an aspect of RSE which is a growing part of Ofsted inspections under Safeguarding.

‘Ohana’ [a Hawaiian word meaning family; family means ‘no one gets left out or left behind’] is a whole school programme of work (for primary schools) which forms part of Relationships and Sex Education and that specifically addresses issues related to Difference & Diversity, Gender Stereotyping and Homophobic Bullying. Using a distancing technique of story books, ‘Ohana’ provides a series of activities and session plans that facilitate a ‘safe’ way to address sensitive issues.


*        Working with Children and Young People

At times having a new face or perspective can really enhance the RSE for the children and young people within a school. Working within the schools existing RSE policy and as a planned enhancement to your RSE curriculum, Golden Tree CIC provide sessions which give children and young people an “expert” view of aspects of RSE, (for example contraception and sexual health in KS3/4). This input may include specific targeted work with identified pupils or as part of a curriculum enrichment day for whole year group.


*        Working with Parents and Governors

We fully appreciate just how important it is that the (potentially sensitive) content of your school’s RSE curriculum is understand and owned by your whole school community. For this reason, we provide awareness sessions and/or workshops to explore RSE at an adult level too.


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