Stress Management

Stress related health problems cost UK over £4billion a year.  For many businesses it is the biggest cause of sickness absence in the workplace! If stress isn’t addressed quickly it can lead to a range of both physical and mental health problems. This means that the early identification or recognition of the signs and symptoms of stress is essential.  Golden Tree CIC offer a range of stress management workshops and training sessions from practical stress management strategies for all staff, recognising and responding to stress for managers.

Having employees with a positive sense of self and a toolbox of stress management skills brings a range of benefits to any organisation such as; better working relationships, less conflict, and a more resilient staff. The participative and experiential nature of our courses will also support the improvement of self-esteem through a range of activities.

With many years of experience in delivering stress management workshops, our skilled trainers are able to deliver a workshop that suits your needs in ways that are engaging, appropriate and useful. Our workshops ensure that each person whom attends is equipped with a number of different stress management tools that they can use immediately. Managers and supervisors will also be equipped to recognise and respond to stress within their team members as well as be able to guide team members towards appropriate professional help and useful self-help stress management strategies.

Workshop content includes:

· What is stress?

· The signs and symptoms of stress.

· Positive approaches to stress management.

· Practical strategies that can help reduce the negative impact of stress on the individual.

· Practical ways to build a positive sense of self-worth and emotional resilience.

· Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Human Needs’ in action.

· The ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ (developed following research by New Economics Foundation).

· How what we eat and drink can impact on our mental health and wellbeing?

· Practical strategies to maintain ‘sleep hygiene’ including approaches to a healthy lifestyle, breathing   techniques and simple meditations.

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BBC Stress Smart – Video, with some super tips on stress management

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